God sprinkled His breath with dust and made us.
Molded an image of His face out of clay
And He was happy.
You were made for His pleasure.
And though it seems so hard for man to measure up
God made the dust and that was good,
But then He breathed life into the dust to make us,
And that
That was very good.

Now these clay vessels of flesh have become cracked and chipped
And there's no doubt that man's not perfect,
But our Father in heaven has a habit of making
Beautiful things out of dust
And I believe He takes the broken parts of us
And puts them together to make mankind a mosaic of mercy
And He designed it for His glory.
And like a father wants his son to be like his daddy,
Be a composition of his good parts,
God wants to take our hearts
And swap them with His.
God wants to hold us close and whisper in our ear what He made us to be,
How we can fulfill our Father's dreams
How we can bring the world back to perfection
Because that's just how God does creation,
Sin got it twisted
But the Almighty wants to give man the strength to bend it back.
So He's training a legion to bring about His Kingdom,
Trading scars and bars for adoption papers,
Where He writes our names in heaven
And loves us till we act and look just like Him.
Break our old habits and gives us a new nature.
Taking children and raising them to be mature.
Taking breathe and dust
Molding it into us
And then breaking away the dead parts
To make our hearts
Beat and break like His.

God doesn't always want to tell us what to do
but who to be
So that when we just act naturally
He will find it pleasing.
Alive in Christ is not just a set of rules to follow
Actions to so we can seem less than unholy,
But He came to bring us a better way to 
Live and move and breathe and be
So go ahead and rebreak these crooked arms
Set them correctly and stretch them and grow them
Until they reach around the earth like my Father's
Crack my ribs and peel them back
My heart shrank and turned to stone long ago
Give me Yours and expand my chest to give it room to grow
Breathe Your life into my lungs
And everywhere I go
Let Your Spirit blow
Burn Your will on my heart
So the world will know
That I am Yours
That I’ve been lifted from the grave
That our God is mighty to save
That His love makes me brave
And everything has changed,
Because You came and died so I could be alive
And set Your Spirit in my flesh
To declare to the world,
“This one’s mine,
I’m doing big things with him”
Christ died so that we could go to heaven
But He rose again so that we could bring heaven to Earth!
Eternal life cannot possibly be contained in 1 hour every Sunday
The eternal weight of Glory will never be revealed to this groaning creation Unless we are willing to allow this grace to regenerate us from the inside out.
Christ’s body is not an institution, it’s a movement
Not just a “worship service”, it’s a lifestyle.
It is no business, it’s a family.
We ought not be reduced to four walls and a steeple, it’s God’s children loving Him and loving people,
The law brought death, but Christ came to bring life
Overflowing, but the world has no way of knowing when it’s salt and light are growing stale in granite castles and tombs.
Christ came to establish a Kingdom.
But to do so, He didn’t bring religion,
But a relationship between a Father and his sons and daughters.
He didn’t give us a long list of rules or to dos
No checklist showing the way to be a part of the evacuation to heaven,
He gave us new life
A New nature,
Jesus came to give us a new way to