Consider God

Who created the heavens and the earth without raising a finger, 
only had to whisper
Let there be
And there was light
Pulled it apart to make day and night
Land it was good.
And the Father Son and Spirit watched the waters wash in out of nonexistence
Separated into sky and earth and sea and land
Painted plants and animated animals
All culminating into the formation of man
And then finished in the fashioning of the fairer and finer female 
And it was very good

Consider this God, whose very existence demands amazement
After all, this is the God who put the "ah" in Abraham
Who looked up to the stars and in light of the vast expanse couldn't help but have faith 
That there was something great
There was something good
There was something God wanted to do through him 
And so old honest Abe agreed to let Him
And that's why we remember him today.

Consider God
It wasn't the boat, but God that kept Noah afloat in the flood
It wasn't Moses that made pharaoh let my people go, it was God
Who parted the Red Sea and brought it back together to drown out the enemy
It was God who provided the power for the prophets to prove their point
It was God that gave David his reason to dance
It was god who sent his sinless son as sacrifice for such a sinner as me
It was God who counted to three and rose to redeem a wretched mess like you used to be 
It is God who makes us better than brand new
It is God who reconciles and redeems all things unto Himself
It is God who has done this all,
Not because we're good, but because He is
Not because we're worthy, but because He is
Not because He had to, 
Not because we could pay Him back
But because He is who He is
And He is worthy of all
Glory, honor, praise,
And certainly worth remembering

Remind yourself of this Great God
The natural response to remembering
Who God is and what He's done is worship
And this sort of remembering inspires right living
That being Imitation of the immortal invisible God
Who has even sent his spirit to be the natural resource necessary for recreating the very nature of God within the heart of his followers

Remind yourself that you were dead in your sin
Then go back and make sure you put the emphasis on the right syllable
Not that YOU were dead.
You ain't special like that
We all were.
No need to play the "but I bet I was more dead than you" game
There's only one rock bottom and we ran that joint.

Not that you were DEAD
Like that's still got victory
Like sin still got a sting
Like the tomb wasn't just borrowed
And heaven didn't give it a good spring cleaning
You WERE dead
As in past tense
As in no longer
As in no offense but it's time to stop hanging out in the coffin of sin you were buried in
Stop inviting people to your funeral when you've already been raised from the dead
The reason it's called the gospel is because it's good news

Don't you know the point of scripture reading and repeating 
and preaching and re-preaching
Is to remember
Don't you know that's why we sing!
You didn't think god needed reminding?
No! We sing so we can find and keep finding
The greatness of gods glory
And his great worth
And why he's worth imitating
Because When we see himWe're never the same
And we behold as through a mirror and are being transformed into his very image
So this reminiscing inspires imitation
And in the end, transformation
For when we see Him
We will be like Him
Because He has made us, is making us, and will make us
To be like Him
To worship Him
To love and be loved by Him.

Consider God