I don't know but I know 
Love will find her way to me
And she will give me eyes to see
Like a mirror she will stand before me and for the first time I will see me clearly
All the broken bits of me
All iniquity
Every edge that's still a little rough on me
And I will feel completely unworthy
But she will not leave.
This is how I will know she is love
And she will somehow smoothe the jaded edges off of me
And everyday as she still stands before me
I will see me be a little more of what I couldn't be on my own and a little less of what I shouldn't be.
And everyday I will become a little less of what I never was, and a little more of what I was always meant to be.

I don't know but I know
That love will give birth to Hope
She will not come from us
Though maybe through us
And I can only pray that hope will come running to us
We will feed her on faith and watch her grow strong
I will guard her and her mother will guide her
And I will fail.
But I know and I know that her mother will not.
And if she ever comes to us with broken bones and bruises
We will bind, brace and bandage her
And hope will heal
And she will heal me

I don't know but I know,
That my hope,
She will leave me,
Because she will not need me,
But she has never really needed me,
And my Hope will meet a boy named Truth,
And Your truth will catch my Hope's eye 
And she will smile
And she will say,
My, My, You have been worth the wait.
And I will see what I have always known, but never known,
Your truth will marry my Hope,
And I will smile.
Because Your Truth will take my hope
But she will always be mine
I will not lose a daughter, but gain a Son.

I don't know but I know,
That Truth and Hope will bring me what I will never be able to bring myself,
A boy and a girl named peace and joy,
And they will look nothing like me, at first,
But I will look more and more like them everyday
We will walk along the shore and breath in every ounce of salt air until there is none left,
We will lay down in gardens and drink in the sunshine until the sunflowers are proud of us,
We will laugh and we will dance
And best of all we will be
We will be like no one has ever been before

I don't know
But I know that I will die someday
I will fight until my fighting fights me
And then I will go peacefully
And love and hope will carry me
Up over this mountain
And we will find peace
I don't know
But I know that I will die someday
But I know that I know that I have already begun to live forever
And I don't know, but I know that my Love is not lost,
And I am not lost,

We are only hiding.
We are only hiding,
So that we can be found.