Please drop whatever you got
Whether it be pride, pretense or presupposition
You have no need for it here.
We have all been equally abandoned by brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, lovers,
Stripped of any name worth knowing;
What have we to boast in when we're so broken?
So please leave these achievements at the door.
We are all both better and worse than our brothers,
So tonight we can stop playing the comparison game and simply celebrate
The beauty that is sown into one another's souls 
These tiny diamonds of divinity shimmering in the light of the Son.
Tonight we are one:
Both broken and beautiful.
Both sinful and sought after.
Both pitiful and prized.

Please drop whatever you got
Whether it be the scars you got, gave yourself, or gave others
We are all covered in cuts from carelessness
Sometimes it seems like we have more scars than skin,
More sin than sainthood
More dirt than divinity
But all of these things are washed away in grace

So come carrying your courage
Come bring your burdens
But hold them with open hands
And bring enough to share
Come on in
Tonight, we've got walls to tear down and bridges to build 
And brothers to build up
Press your hand against your chest
Feel that?
Your heart beats like me
And as far as I can tell we're all in this humanity together
I know it'd be nice to live a little better

So please drop whatever ya got,
Whether crowns, credits, or accomplishments,
Whether ability, identity, or eccentricity
Whether masks, monograms, or money
Whether artistry, chemistry, or tragedy
Whether zip code, or dress code,
Whatever props you up, or holds you down
Whatever makes you laugh or makes you cry,
Whatever you thought gave you life,  
what you thought made you die
Whatever pain, shame, or guilt,
Whatever walls you've built
Whatever lifestyle or life trial,
Whatever trophies and testimonies
Whatever stories, scars or secrets,
Whatever regrets,
Whatever valleys or victories or histories or unsolved mysteries,
Whatever we have,
Whatever we are, 
Tonight, let's leave what hurts us and leave with what heals is
Drop what stops us and find what fuels us
I've got your back
Please have mine too
Give each other safe space to drop whatever we got
And give grace to fill the vacancy of what we have not
We may not have it all together
But I believe together we can have it all